Chroma Glassware in Clear
Chroma Glassware in Clear
Hawkins New York

Chroma Glassware in Clear

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Tinted in all our favorite hues, the Chroma line of glassware comes in three delicate, drinkable sizes; perfect for morning OJ, evening vino, and everything in between. Endless color combinations to keep you entertained when you entertain, plus a corresponding pitcher in each matching (or mismatching, if that's your thing!) color. Just the right opacity to hint at mid-century, but the lines and shape are this-century, through and through. Bottoms up.

Handblown Tinted Glass
Size: Small, 3"D x 2.5"H, 6 oz, Tumbler, 3"D x 3.5"H, 10 oz, Large Tumbler, 3.5"D x 4.5"H, 14 oz, Pitcher, 4"D x 8.5"H, 48 oz
Dishwasher safe, stacking not recommended

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