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Crystal Facial Roller

Add some crystal healing to your skincare routine! Crystal facial rollers alleviate tension, increase circulation, and minimize puffiness.

Lapis Lazuli - Perfect for combination, oily, or blemish prone skin.

Lapis - Known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness in the skin and clarifying your complexion.

Amethyst - Soothes inflamed, irritated skin, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.

Rose Quartz -Love your skin. Rose quartz is a great stone for circulation, leaving your face feeling nourishes and radiant.

Obsidian - Detoxifies & rejuvenates your skin, clearing away imperfections while restoring your skin’s natural balance.

Jade - Said to be slightly less smooth than amethyst or rose quartz, creates resistance on the face to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Due to natural variations in crystals, your roller may vary in coloration + appearance from what is pictured.