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REMIX Aromatherapy Spray with Charged Quartz Crystal

Remix by Giselle I Chicago, IL

Use as a room spray or wear it as a light scent. Aromatherapy sprays are natural, organic, wild-harvested, or selective, and hand-blended in Chicago. Each REMIX aromatherapy spray comes with an energy-charged quartz crystal with an instruction card for maximizing its effect.

50 ml in a glass bottle

FLOW opens up creativity and communication through the blend’s “laid back” essence
BERGAMOT balances mood swings + NEROLI eases restlessness and engages the senses + ROSEWOOD generates optimism + distilled water

FOCUS helps you target tasks with precision
ATLAS CEDARWOOD calming and centering + SILVER FIR enhances memory and focus + LAVENDER abates negative emotions + distilled water

CHILL / DAY soothes anxiety and helps you feel centered
MAY CHANG uplifting and bright, helps keep the mood light + PETITGRAIN relieves stress + YLANG YLANG sedates adrenaline and relaxes the nervous system + distilled water

CHILL / NIGHT is the perfect mix for insomniacs or restless sleepers
FRENCH LAVENDER a smokier scented lavender varietal that combats insomnia + GRAPEFRUIT counters stress + VETIVER soothes obsessive thoughts + distilled water

CLEAR rids negative energy in an environment and transforms bad vibes on the spot
SAGE purifying and cleansing + ROSE releases deep feelings of anger, resentment, and guilt + EUCALYPTUS helps boost confidence + distilled water