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Elements Truffles Chocolate Bars

Raw, dairy free, and made in small batches, these chocolate bars from Elements Truffles deliciously decadent and come in an assortment of unique flavors.

3" l x 0.4" w x 6.4" h
0.11 lb

Black Lava Salt with Turmeric - Dark. Smooth. Anti-inflammatory. Black lava Salt from a small salt patch in Hawaii comes together with Turmeric from India in our favorite decadent bar. A perfect treat for any time of the day for any cacao lover. Curcumin in turmeric is believed to stimulate the body's own antioxidant mechanism, delay aging and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Maple Toffee with Moringa - Nutty. Nostalgic. Nutrient-Packed. Brittle meets creamy texture with sweet caramel notes. We create toffee by reducing the organic maple syrup from Vermont that squarely complements the texture and taste of cacao. A perfect treat to uplift your mood on a tough day. Moringa is believed to be rich in antioxidants and helps reduce blood sugar levels.

Golden Raisins & Almonds with Saffron - Universal. Nutty. Smooth. An all-time favorite filled with nutrition and packed with crunch! Golden raisins being hailed as the sweetest raisin paired with slow roasted organic almonds giving you a unique, fruit and nut experience with a tinge of Saffron. It is believed that Saffron is rich in anti-oxidants and improves mood.

Lemon Coconut with Tulsi - Refreshing. Nutty. Aphrodisiac. A citrus twist with shredded coconut crunch makes this a very unique and refreshing treat. Lemon with a distinctly sour note and Coconut with its toasted sweet profile come together with raw Cacao to create a fresh tropical dessert.

Spicy Cayenne with Cinnamon - Earthy. Rare. Rich in Antioxidants. Spicy meets another earthy spice to create an explosion of flavors in the bar. Perfect to set in the cold weather. Cayenne peppers join Cinnamon to create a real “wake me up” piece of chocolate. Using raw honey to pacify the brute heat of the pepper this bar is a quick pick me up during the middle of the day.